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Release the pressure... and breathe!

I don't know about you, but the decision about what food you put into your body can be a stressful one. Even for myself, and I have just spent the past four years learning about food! It feels sometimes with all of the information, documentaries, conflicting advice and new diets that you can be left thinking, "What in the world should I be eating?"I find at times when I have a lot on and haven't had much preparation time in the kitchen, that what to feed my family can feel overwhelming. But you know what? At times, I believe the food-related stress and anxiety can be worse for your body than the potential "unhealthy food" you may be choosing to eat out of convenience, lack of time or just plain not knowing what to eat. I am here today to tell you to... release the pressure... and breathe!

I am all about remaining positive and helping people feel empowered about their food choices. I don't use scare tactics and fear to motivate, which are used so often in my industry! I believe that you won't be making a lasting change if you are just doing it out of fear. It's not that fear isn't useful at times - it helps us decide what we value most, but it's not enough to sustain an effective health journey. Good nutrition is all about viewing you as a whole person: body, soul and spirit. I believe that if one is off balance, you will find it difficult to see clearly and know the direction you are following in life. Mistakes and set backs are a part of life, don't set yourself up to fail by expecting perfection!

Real change and progress is made when you feel empowered, encouraged and come to the point of feeling content with who you are and truly loving yourself - motivation for change will flow.

I hope this inspires you to take a fresh look at your health and well-being. Feel encouraged to know that whatever you are facing with your health today, real empowering comes from valuing yourself first.

~ Jo Kate

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