• Jo Kate

Best Buys: Aldi

My love affair with Aldi started slowly. The first time I walked in, I walked right out. It took me a while to get used to the style of shopping they offer and the fact that I had to pack my own groceries! But as I slowly began to try this form of shopping, I soon realised that they do stock some really great items. Lately, they have upped their range of healthy options and I am loving it! I purchase a lot of my bulk items though my co-op, but Aldi is great for filling in the gaps or if I run out of something before my next order.

Here I have pictured my can’t-go-without items that I purchase weekly. I don’t buy the meat or fresh produce as I purchase them elsewhere but I find that for other staples, Aldi can be a great option and the price is great!

1. tinned red salmon, which has been sustainably caught. Leave the bones in for extra calcium!

2. Organic kombucha, I make my own now, but saw this yesterday and decided to give it a go.

3. Natural peanut butter for whole food baking or eating right out of the jar!

4. Hemp seeds, great for sprinkling on just about anything!

5. Kaleslaw: a must have item for easy lunches and dinners.

6. Organic butter: I have in the past made my own butter but sometimes, it’s so much easier to just buy this great organic one.

7. Organic cheese. I have noticed that Aldi have started stocking a couple of organic cheeses! They have this cheddar one and a Brie one that was unfortunately sold out yesterday, but I have been buying it and it is so yum!

8. Sustainably caught salmon from the freezer section. We have salmon twice a week and this one is a great price and the portion sizes are perfect

For a quick lunch today I put together some kale slaw, a tin of salmon, 1/2 an avocado and sprinkled with some hemp seeds and pepitas. So yum!

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