Jo Kate

Jo Whitehead is a Central Coast based nutritionist and mother of three.

She is passionate about people finding their ‘zone’ when it comes to living a healthy life and having adequate energy and motivation to get the most out of life. Her aim is to help people find what works for them without having to follow fads or diets.

With a down-to-earth approach to health and wellbeing, Jo realises how difficult it is to know what path to take in regards to health as there are so many options being presented as the ‘right way’. She is passionate about clients discovering what works for them and their body and finds joy in coming up with achievable treatment plans and goals to move forward.

She is a firm believer in evidence-based medicine and researches extensively for each client she works with, as well as referring back to traditional methods used by generations gone by.

As a mother, her other passion is helping other mums’ feed their kids wholesome, nutritious food, which will provide them with the best start at life. She also understands what children are really like and can help come up with strategies and tools to help parents follow any dietary requirements their child needs to follow.

Having studied at the Australasian College of Natural Therapies, Jo is an accredited member of the Australian Traditional Medicine Society.

Jo Kate Nutrition, 2020